Simple Things to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

It’s hard to get any more luxurious than a stunning apartment in The VUE, but as you start to decorate, you may find yourself wanting to highlight the natural luxury of your space with your decor. Here are some easy ways you can add luxury to your space without draining your budget or detracting from your apartment’s natural beauty.

  1. Choose a Place to Splurge

Every piece in your apartment doesn’t’ need to be a luxury focal point. Choose one investment piece instead. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a light fixture, a rug or a piece of artwork, spend big on one thing, and build your decor around it.

  1. Invest in Textures

As you choose those things you’re going to buy for your apartment, choose textiles and textures carefully. Luxury bedding and throw pillows can add opulence to a space, even when the actual furnishing is plain. Don’t forget the draperies when adding texture to your space. While you don’t want to hinder the view in your apartment, you do want the option to close the curtains from time to time, and lush draperies make a space feel quite rich.

  1. Spruce Up the Right Areas

If you can only focus on one area at a time, choose the right ones. The bedroom, entryway and bathroom are the three key areas that make a space feel luxurious. Turn your bedroom into something out of a five-star hotel, add spa amenities to the bathroom, and ensure that the entry way grabs attention from the moment someone enters your apartment.

  1. Upgrade the Lighting

Well-placed lighting creates a luxury feel in the space. Consider upgrading the overhead lighting if the existing lighting doesn’t blend with your style, then add side lamps, art lights and mood lighting wherever it’s needed. Avoid keeping everything too well matched, but choose pieces that complement one another. Don’t be afraid to use decorative lamp shades. The right decor will add to the feel you are looking to create in your space.

Creating a luxury home is easy in The VUE, because your apartment gives you a great starting place. Add the right touches here and there, and your space will truly become the retreat you are dreaming of.


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