Why is Charlotte Called the “Queen City”?

If you have ever heard Charlotte be called “The Queen City” you have probably wondered how it got that nickname. Wonder no more, as here is the origin and explanation of how Charlotte is become to be known as the “Queen City”.

The “Queen City”
This nickname and name of the city come from the same source. The source is traced back to Queen Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Stretliz in Germany. The city of Charlotte was founded back in 1768 when a group called the loyalists settled there when King George III still ruled the Colonies. Since it was such a large group of people they needed to make a courthouse and appoint a name to this newly founded city. These men decided to name the city “Charlotte Town” to gain the King’s affection so they could keep getting benefits from him. The chose the name Charlotte to honor the King’s new wife, Queen Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Stretliz

Charlotte is richer in history than most people think. It could be because it has transformed greatly and became more modern. It is a very up and coming place to be now with many beautiful places to visit and a great variety of events and entertainment all around.

Living in the Charlotte
If you’re wanting to move to the wonderful and exciting city of Charlotte, take a tour or reserve a home at The VUE today. Live prestigiously in these luxurious apartments that offer unique & spacious floorplans and well-appointed amenities & apartment features. You can have the historical, yet modern city of Uptown Charlotte in your backyard to enjoy every day. A terrific living experience is now here with The VUE with a private pool, gaming room, pet park, and a brand-new SKY lounge with the most beautiful views of the “Queen City” right from your home. With many delightful restaurants, places to shop, and recreation centers, the city of Charlotte has the perfect energy to live.

Charlotte has many historical roots that will forever be engraved in the city, especially the name and nickname. However, it is becoming much more. There is so much going on in Charlotte so reserve a luxurious home now at The VUE and do not miss out on the excitement!


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