Best Places for Brunch in Southpark

Going out to eat is a way for people to socialize, whether it is on business meetings, dates, celebrations, or family meals. In Southpark, there is a multitude of outstanding places to brunch that you need to check out. Southpark is upscale and one of the most desired neighborhoods to live in Charlotte, NC. Here are some must-try places to have brunch that are just as great as the neighborhood.

Café Monte
Café Monte is a cute and delightful French Bakery & Bistro that makes you feel like you are dining in Paris. It is a favorite of many with an exquisite menu. You can never go wrong with ordering the signature dish, Benedict of Monte, which is ham, two eggs, tomato, asparagus, and hollandaise served on top of a flaky croissant.

Original House of Pancakes
The Original House of Pancakes is one of Charlotte’s best places to go for a delicious breakfast or brunch. With a huge, refreshing menu and attentive staff, you will have a great experience at this restaurant. The food is delightful with terrific pancakes that everyone must try.

Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen
Rooster’s is a modern restaurant with a new American menu. It has an elegant vibe, complete with your choice of seating at outside patio tables so you can enjoy the nice weather while you enjoy your savory meal. With many signature meals to choose from, you cannot go wrong by choosing to brunch at Rooster’s.

Dogwood Southern Table & Bar
Dogwood Southern Table & Bar is a fancy and sophisticated restaurant to go for brunch with an outstanding menu loved by the locals. There is a great assortment of meals for everyone, such as, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and seafood. Do your taste buds a favor by dining at Dogwood Southern Table & Bar.

Terrace Café
Indulge in a Southern meal at the Terrace Café. It is the perfect brunch spot with one of the largest breakfast menus in Southpark. They even have different and unique specials every day. Some favorites are the Shrimp & Grits, Crab Cakes, and Stuffed Monte Cristo. Make sure to also try the specialty dishes that are offered, like the Red Velvet Waffle and Bavarian Cream Stuffed French Toast Sticks. Don’t miss out on this adorable café.

Southpark is full of many more favorite restaurants so make sure to try them all!

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