How to Impress Your Date with Your Apartment

When you are actively in the dating scene, you want to always try to make your best impression. While the conversation and connection are crucial details that can determine if things will work out, the state of your apartment can also make a big difference. Whether your date is coming to your apartment to pick you up or you go back to someone’s place after dinner for a drink or two, how your apartment looks can say a lot about you.

To help you send all the right vibes to your date, following are a few easy tips to get your apartment looking presentable.

1) Pick Up the Mess
If you think this one is a no-brainer, then great! You are already on your way to success. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about picking up the clutter, trash, and dirty laundry. Dating is all about first impressions. Even if you are a total slob, you don’t necessarily need to reveal that right away. Take a few minutes to pick up the mess, and show your date that you can and will make the effort to keep things looking nice.

2) Clean the Bathroom
Inevitably, someone is going to need to use the bathroom. While you may not be the best about cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis or you always make a mess while you are getting ready, you want to pay attention to this room. There is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom, so make sure you always clean this space before you have any company over to your apartment.

3) Display Your Interests
Dating is all about getting to know another person, and this can be demonstrated through the décor in your modern apartment as well. Are you really into healthy eating? Set out a book or two on your coffee table to strike up a conversation. Are you a baseball fanatic? Have some of your favorite sports memorabilia on display, and tell your date all about it.

4) Put Up Photos
While your date is interested in getting to know you, they will also want to learn about your family and friends. Let them know that you care about these important people in your life by having photos displayed throughout your apartment.


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