Tips for Recycling While Living in an Apartment Community

We all know the importance of recycling, but it can often be easier said than done when you are living in an apartment. You are already living in a limited amount of space, so the last thing you want is another big bin sitting in your upscale apartment home. Additionally, taking care of your recycling is just one more thing to add to your ever-growing to do list.

It can take some effort, but recycling while residing in an apartment is possible. Following are a few tips to help make it happen.

Make a List of Items to Recycle
If you are just getting started with recycling, one of the biggest challenges is simply remembering to not throw these types of items in the trash. To help prompt yourself to recycle, make a list of some of the top items you should be recycling – cardboard boxes, papers, glass jars, etc. Place the list somewhere where you will see it when you are throwing something in the trash. This will quickly help you remember to recycle and what you should be recycling.

Have a Designated Recycling Bin
Even if you are living in a small apartment space, it is still possible to create a designated recycling bin. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, and it could even be something as simple as a paper grocery bag. Additionally, they also make trashcans that have two compartments – one for trash, and one for recycling. Don’t feel pressure to immediately start recycling everything. You can start small by recycling your water bottles and aluminum cans, and work up from there. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to recycling.

Request Recycling Bin in Your Mailroom
Does your apartment community have a mailroom? Is there a recycling bin near your mailbox? Residents are more likely to recycle junk mail, newspapers, and other items if a recycling bin is readily available. If one is not present in your mailroom, all you have to do is ask your management to put one out. Additionally, it can also be helpful to put up signs around the mailboxes to remind your neighbors to recycle.


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