Tips for Making Friends in Your Apartment Community

Moving to a new apartment community can be both exciting and little bit intimidating. While you may be excited about your modern space and fabulous amenities, it is also completely normal to feel nervous about making new friends, especially if you are new to the area.

To help ease the transition and feel at home, following are a few tips for making friends in your new apartment community.

Introduce Yourself
Making new friends requires effort, and introducing yourself is the first step. Many neighbors may not even realize that you are new to the community – people stay busy, and not everyone notices when someone new moves in. As you are moving in, take the time to introduce yourself to other people in the community. This will go a long way to letting them know that you are approachable and friendly. If you don’t happen to see your neighbors as you are moving in, no problem. Once you have gotten settled in, go knock on their door. Putting yourself out there and making the introduction will probably mean a lot more to them than you even realize.

Participate in Community Activities
Many apartment communities will host activities throughout the year. Whether it’s a pool party to kick off the summer or a movie night just for residents, you should try to make it to as many of these events as possible. You never know who you may meet and what kind of friendship could develop.

Visit the Local Spots
There are probably a few bars and restaurants near your new apartment community that residents love to visit. You could even make small talk with some of neighbors to find out what some of the best spots are. If your neighbors are hanging out at these places, you may want to go as well. You may run into that person you met at the community pool last week or the neighbor from a few doors down.

Be Friendly
These days, simply being friendly can go a long way. Instead of staring at your phone while in the elevator, actually say hello to the other person in there or ask them how their day is going. Showing interest in other people is an easy way to start a friendship.


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