Life in Decatur, GA

Ranked among the top 50 most livable cities in Georgia, Decatur boasts warm weather, low crime rates and plenty to see and do. This is a community where residents feel safe and connected as they put down roots, raise their families and pursue their careers. If you are looking for a friendly community with ample amenities and excellent employment opportunities near Atlanta, Decatur will not disappoint. Here are some of the reasons that Decatur is a great choice when you are looking for a new place to live.

An Active, Vibrant Downtown
In the 1970s, Decatur saw a significant down turn, but recently developers have focused on rebuilding and redefining the city, and with great success. The downtown development has transformed it into a busy hub with regular activities, live music events and even a summer beach party. Terrific Thursdays entice residents to come out and enjoy the over 30 stores and restaurants in the downtown district as they have special discounts and treats. Decatur’s downtown has been transformed into an attractive mixed-use development.

Multi-faceted Shopping Options
Another draw of Decatur is its excellent shopping options. Not only will you find traditional malls, like the Gallery at South DeKalb Mall and the North DeKalb Mall, but also shopping villages in popular neighborhoods like Oakhurst and of course downtown. In Decatur, your shopping options include everything from chain stores, like Macy’s, and boutiques or art galleries owned by locals.

An Involved Population
Finally, Decatur is appealing because it’s the kind of community that people care about. With around 19,000 people, Decatur has a highly involved population, and people are regularly taking part in civic responsibilities and fining themselves feeling at home. Activities like a citywide scavenger hunt and the annual Decatur Tour of Homes keep residents connected and engaged. Regular annual festivals add to the opportunities to get involved and enjoy the local community in Decatur.

If you’re ready to become part of this growing and connected community, finding the right community is going to help you. Point on Scott is the newest luxury apartment community in Decatur, and it’s ready for you to discover. Come see what the best in Decatur living really looks like with Point on Scott!

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