Why Apartment Communities Need Outdoor Living Areas

Apartment communities lend themselves well to indoor amenities, like meeting spaces and fitness centers, but modern community developers are also focusing on outdoor living areas. Since apartments, by their very nature, cannot have backyards, it is up to the community to provide a space for residents to enjoy the outdoors, and many developers are rising to the challenge, adding outdoor kitchens, playgrounds, ponds, pools, walking paths and more.

Here are some of the reasons why this is so important.

Outdoor Play Is Critical to Growing Healthy Children
In apartment communities that cater to families, outdoor play areas are critical. Multiple studies have shown that playing outside helps children flourish in ways that indoor play simply cannot. From developing large and small motor skills to developing their cardiovascular systems, outdoor play has a significant impact on physical development, but that’s just one area it helps. It also helps inspire curiosity and teach children to love nature and the outdoors. Adding a playground and walking paths to an apartment community can help with all of this.

Spending Time Outdoors Leads to Implode Immunity for Residents
Exposure to nature helps boost the immune system. Sunlight increases vitamin D production, while exposure to trees can help reduce asthma symptoms. Fresh air holds far fewer germs than stagnant indoor air. The more time people spend outdoors, the more robust their immune systems will be, so an apartment community with outdoor living space will have healthier residents.

Improved Emotional Health
Finally, nature and the outdoors are a sure-fire way to lessen depression symptoms. The more time someone spends outside in a beautiful natural area, the less they will struggle with emotional health issues. Spending time near water, and salt water especially, is particularly beneficial. The sound of water pouring over a waterfall can reduce stress, while soaking in salt water can boost emotional health.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more apartment communities are adding outdoor living features. Whether its a seating area with a natural water fountain, walking paths through a wooded area, a playground or an outdoor pool, these communities offer significant benefits to their residents because of their focus on outdoors.


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