4 Effective Ways to Utilize Small Space

Living in an apartment has quite a few perks. A built-in fitness center complete with pool, close access to public transit and low-maintenance living are just some of those perks. However, having large amounts of space is not. Here are some creative ways to use your smaller space to the fullest without sacrificing your comfort.

Remember to Leave Some “White Space”
White space is a principle of graphic design that says that a design is more effective if some of the design is left empty, or “white.” The same is true for your apartment. While you do need to maximize your use of the space you have, remember to leave some open space as well. This will make the home feel larger and more inviting.

Choose Furniture That Doubles As Storage
When choosing furniture for your luxury apartment, make sure to keep storage as a high priority. From an end table that has an included shelf or drawer to an ottoman with a storage compartment and a bed with storage drawers, the more storage you work into the furniture you must have, the more functional your space will be. If something can do double duty in your apartment, it’s a piece worth investing in.

Use Baskets for Storage
Whether hanging on a wall, sitting on the back of the toilet or placed on a shelf, baskets can help you create quite a bit of additional storage in a creative and attractive way. They’re a great option for stashing those smaller items that just don’t have a place to go, like your toiletries, car keys or art supplies. Putting these items inside a basket eliminates clutter while still keeping them accessible.

Get It Off the Floor
Whenever possible, mount or store items off the floor. Mounting your television on the wall rather than on a bulky media center will free more floor space for another use. Similarly, hanging a coat hook on the wall rather than having a coat stand by the door will free more floor space. When your space is crowded, it’s important to think vertically when considering your storage options.

As you can see, you can make excellent use of a small space, with a little work and creativity, you can maximize your space and enjoy full use of every aspect of it.


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