Top 4 Plants for Your Apartment Home

Houseplants can help your home feel more cozy. They also bring a wide range of health benefits, helping to clean the air and improve your indoor air quality. However, in an apartment, house plants can be a bit problematic, because apartments tend to have less natural light than homes with windows on multiple sides. If you want the benefit of a houseplant in your apartment, here are some varieties that should thrive in a typical apartment environment.

Spider Plant
The spider plant is a favorite houseplant because it’s notoriously hard to kill. They thrive in low light conditions, and they don’t suffer when their roots are crowded. Even if you have minimal time to invest in house plant maintenance, you will find that the spider plant should thrive.

Peace Lily
If you want a plant that has a flower, the peace lily is a great choice. It’s delicate white blooms are attractive and interesting, and it does well in low light. You only have to water it once a week, so that’s a bonus when you’re living a busy lifestyle.

If you want a plant you can truly forget about, a cactus makes a great choice. Cacti only need to be watered when growing, and just once per week. They actually can go even longer without watering in the non-growing season. They don’t need direct sunlight either, but simply a spot somewhat close to a winnow. This is one of the more interesting plants you can add to your apartment, and it may serve as a conversation piece.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera’s spiky look is definitely interesting in your new apartment. As long as it has a spot near a window, it should thrive. While aloe does need regular watering, it’s actually supposed to have dry spells as well. In fact, in order to grow properly, aloe needs to have the first two inches of soil dry completely between watering, so you’ll be safe if you forget from time to time. Aloe vera also provides medicinal properties. If you burn yourself, simply rub some of the juice from a leaf on the burn for instant relief.

Yes, it is possible to grow plants in your apartment, even if you don’t have the proverbial green thumb. The key is to find the right plant! With the ones on this list, you can’t go wrong!


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