Downsizing Tips – Moving from a Home to an Apartment

Apartment living has many benefits. Smaller space means less clutter, and included maintenance and amenities mean less stress. Yet if you are moving from a house to an apartment, you may find the process a bit challenging. After all, cramming an entire house’s worth of stuff into a new apartment is going to be a challenge. Here are some tips to make downsizing a bit easier.

1. Know How Much Space You Have
When downsizing, it’s critical that you have a good feel for how much space, including storage space, you are going to have. Make sure that you have your stuff organized so that it will fit in your new space. If it won’t fit, you can’t bring it with you, or you will be forced to pay for costly storage. Measure your rooms and your furniture to ensure it will fit, and replace items if needed.

2. Know What You Absolutely Need
There are things in your home that you cannot live without. Some are heirlooms, like your family photo albums. Others are things you use on a daily basis. Create an inventory of the items you can’t live without, and start planning for where they will fit in your new home.

3. Start Downsizing Your Belongings
Once you know what you must keep, start pairing down the other times. Often you can sell, donate or toss things you’ve been saving for years. If you aren’t going to use it soon, you probably don’t need it. If you can sell some of these items or host an epic garage sale, stash some of the money for your upcoming moving costs.

4. Limit the Clutter
How many pairs of jeans do you own? How many do you actually wear? Are there books you no longer love or have no desire to read again? Most people have something that they own far more of than they need. Toss the clutter now, so you don’t have to try to fit it into your new apartment home.

5. Remember that Less Stuff Means More Freedom
It’s hard to give up your belongings, but remember this – the less stuff you bring to your apartment, the more freedom you will have to spend your time as you wish and organize your space the way you want it. Take the time now to pair down your stuff, and you will enjoy your apartment lifestyle even more.


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