Most Desired Luxury Amenities in Apartment Communities

Apartments are becoming increasingly luxurious. More and more people are embracing a resort-style lifestyle as they move to an apartment community, and apartment developers are responding with a growing list of amenities for their residents. Yet with the many amenities that can be added to an apartment community, which are the most important? Here are some of the most desirable amenities among luxury apartments for the modern apartment dweller.

Electric Car Services
In metro areas, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as people seek to cut down on emissions and lower their transportation costs. Apartment communities that offer electric car charging stations become an option for those city dwellers who have electric vehicles. After all, no one wants to live somewhere where they cannot power their car.

Private Lounges
A community lounge or bar is a place where members of the apartment community can network, visit and enjoy drinks with friends. Rooftop lounges on high rise apartment communities help residents embrace the views and vibe of living in the city. These lounges can also be a place for parties and events for community residents.

Swimming and Fitness Facilities
A fitness center is a must in a luxury apartment community, but it must be more than just a collection of exercise machines. Today’s luxury communities have spa-inspired fitness centers and health clubs complete with yoga or aerobic rooms as well as weight training and other equipment. Add in a resort-inspired pool, with an indoor pool if the climate requires one, to round out the fitness options. Luxury apartment dwellers appreciate these additions because they prevent them from having to purchase a gym membership.

Open Floor Plans
Not all amenities are community based. Apartment dwellers are becoming increasingly particular about the apartments themselves, and open concept floor plans are becoming the choice for luxury residents. An open concept floor plan makes a space feel even more spacious and inviting.

Upgraded Interior Features
Granite countertops, wood or wood-like flooring, gourmet kitchens, wine storage, ample storage and included washer and dryer units all combine to make an apartment feel luxurious. These types of features will give an apartment community the edge in a market that has many communities to choose from.

Whether you are planning for a new apartment community or are shopping for a luxury apartment to rent, keep these amenities in mind.


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