How to Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

One of the benefits of choosing a luxury apartment as your new community is the larger space that you will have. These apartments are designed to make the most out of every square inch, offering spacious living areas and master bedrooms. Yet perhaps you want that large bedroom to feel just a bit more cozy.

Here are some decorating tips that can help…

Hang Some Dark Wallpaper
Yes, you can hang wallpaper in an apartment. Today you have the option to purchase removable wallpaper that you simply stick to the wall, then remove easily when you are ready to move on or change your style. A darker color with a delicate pattern will make a large room feel cozier instantly.

Add Plenty of Linens
Bed pillows, plush down comforters and throw blankets can all add depth and luxury to your bedroom space. When entering a room, a bed full of linens is an instant draw to the eye, and you will be ready to crash and relax at the end of a long day.

Hang a Bed Canopy
For tall ceilings, a bed canopy can create a sense of elegant comfort. Use quality materials and drape them around the bed to make it even more inviting. You can either hang the canopy from the ceiling or purchase one that attaches to the bed posts, depending on your style.

Add Some Seating
If you have enough floor space, create a seating area in your bedroom. Whether this gives you a comfortable place to get ready for the day or provides a inviting reading nook, the addition of seating will make the room feel cozier. If you don’t have enough room for a seating area, consider adding a bench at the foot of your bed and tossing some comfortable pillows or a cushion on it for the same effect.

Transforming your big bedroom into a warm and comfortable space is easy with the right plan. Take some of these tips, and soon your cozy bedroom will be your favorite place in your new apartment.


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