Best Tips for Being a Good Neighbor at the Pool This Summer

Summer at Varela Westshore means plenty of time spent poolside. One of the benefits of living in an apartment home in this community is its expansive pool complex. Yet when you head to the pool, make sure you are practicing good etiquette to give everyone a positive experience.

Here are some tips for keeping your pool experience a positive one for yourself and all of your neighbors.

Remember That You’re Enjoying a Community Pool
Many of the rules of etiquette that you should be following are easy to remember if you just remind yourself that you’re going to be visiting a community pool. This means that it is not your private swimming area, but rather one for everyone to enjoy. Keep your behavior and your actions in line with those behaviors and actions that everyone appreciates.

Clean up After Yourself
Always obey posted rules about whether or not you can bring food or drinks to the pool area, but if you are allowed to bring snacks, throw your trash away when you are done. Also, towels, pool tools, sunscreen, goggles and the other gear you need for fun at the pool needs to leave with you. Make sure your belongings aren’t scattered, and then left behind.

Share the Seating
If the pool is full of neighbors enjoying the weather, there may not be enough loungers for everyone. If someone needs a chair and you aren’t actively using it, share! Don’t hoard all the chairs and cover them with your belongings even while you are in the water.

Ask Before You Splash
If your pool play means a lot of big splashes, be considerate of those you’re sharing the pool with. Some of your neighbors may not be wanting to get wet, and some may not appreciate a splash in the face, so ask first. Most pools at apartment communities are large enough to provide an area for splashers and those who do not want to be splashed, so just ask before you go to town with your cannonballs and splash fights.

Remember, the community pool is for you and all of your neighbors. By following these rules of etiquette, you will be ready to enjoy the summer fun to the fullest.


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