Best Aromas for Apartment Living

Do you want to make your apartment even more inviting and comfortable? Consider adding a bit of a fragrance to it. Yet burning a candle or incense in an apartment may not be the right choice due to safety issues, and some fragrances can be a tad overpowering in a smaller space. Here are some of the best ways to bring pleasant smells into your apartment, without compromising safety or overwhelming the space with a scent.

Choose a “House Scent”
If you have a cinnamon apple scent in your kitchen and a plumeria scent in your bathroom, people’s noses will get a little confused. Stick with one scent throughout your luxurious apartment, or choose a couple that complement each other, like cinnamon and vanilla. If you are going to use different scents, be sure to test them with each other to see how they pair before introducing them to your apartment in full force.

Use a Warmer
Instead of a candle, invest in an attractive warmer that you can place scented wax on. The warming action will melt the wax and release the fragrance, without the danger of an open flame or the frustration of smoke and soot. Get the same benefits of a scented candle without the risk with a scented wax warmer.

Mist Your Furniture
Purchase a linen spray with a strong, but pleasant, scent. Spray down your couch an other upholstered furniture as well as your bed linens with this. Whenever someone sits on your couch, they will be greeted with a pleasant aroma.

Bring in Aromatic Plants
Houseplants can be an excellent way to add some scents to your apartment. A blooming plant brings a pleasing, natural fragrance to the space, which can work particularly well if you have someone in your home who is sensitive to chemical fragrances. Some popular options include Azores Jasmine, Spearmint, Heliotrope and Night Blooming Jasmine. Choose plants that bloom regularly, because it is the blooms of most houseplants that bring the strongest fragrance. However, if you don’t want flowers, consider the fragrant eucalyptus plant instead.

Watch for Bad Smells
No matter how many good scents you bring into your apartment, if there is an unpleasant scent in it the good will not outweigh the bad. If you have pets, be aware of the smells they add to the space. Also, watch out for smells from aromatic foods, spoiled produce, mold and mildew.

When people walk into your apartment home, they should notice the way it smells, but in a positive way. With a little forward thinking, you can enjoy fresh, aromatic scents in your apartment without overwhelming the space.


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