Luxurious Interior Design Tips for Your New Apartment

Living in an apartment does not mean you have to sacrifice your desire for a luxurious home. Many modern apartments already start with an elegant base, with hardwood floors, crown molding and other ornate touches throughout. With the right interior design elements, you can transform your new apartment into the luxury oasis you have been dreaming of.

Here are some tips that will help you create the space of your dreams as you make your new apartment home.

Start with a Properly Sized Statement Piece
Many times apartment dwellers get caught up in the thought that their space is small, so they do not invest in a large statement piece. Instead, they purchase many smaller pieces, but this detracts from the luxury feel of the home. One large, luxurious piece will make a bigger impact than a collection of smaller items, while also helping to reduce clutter.

Consider Investing in Floating Shelves
Floating shelves are less bulky than other shelves, which help keep the space looking luxuriously streamlined. You can eliminate some furniture with these shelves, also freeing your floor space a bit. Doing so will give you organization while also elevating the overall look of the space.

Use Textures
Textures throughout your modern apartment, whether it’s the plush towels in the bathroom or a soft rug over the hardwoods in your living room, improve the look of your space. The most luxurious hotels know this, investing in soft-to-the-touch bedding and linens, heavy drapery and even textured wall hangings. Duplicate the look in your apartment. Don’t forget the textured throw pillows on both bed and couch! If you can, over-stuff the pillows to make them look more lush.

Use a Unifying Color
Since apartments are somewhat smaller spaces, try to have one color for the walls and, if possible, the ceiling. Bring in pops of your accent colors, but focus on one color to unify the space. Using one color throughout all of the rooms will help the apartment feel larger, because it will allow each room to flow naturally into the next.

Layer Your Lighting
Finally, if you are adding lighting in the way of lamps, work to layer it. Have some lighting that shines outward, some that shines downward and some that shines towards the ceiling. When possible, elevate the lighting by taking it off the floor. Wall sconces and table lamps are excellent examples of this type of lighting.

Your apartment can easily feel luxurious. All it takes is the right touches to give your space an elegant, luxurious feel.


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