Best Hacks for Small Living Spaces

Apartment living has many perks, but space is not typically one of them (unless you have a 3-bedroom home). However, there are things you can do that will make the apartment feel larger than life, helping you save space and improve the overall function of your home.

If you are trying to maximize the use of your space, there are several decorating and organizational hacks that will help.

  1. Use the space between the fridge and the wall. Make an organizer for spices or canned goods that can slide between this space.
  2. Divide large rooms with room dividers. Use a divider that has built-in storage shelving to give yourself some additional places to stash your stuff.
  3. Use the space above the doors. You can add shelving in the space between the top of your door jams and your ceiling to store linens, board games and similar items that you do not need access to daily.
  4. Choose multi-purpose furnishings. If a table can double as a desk or an ottoman can double as storage, you will maximize the use of your space.
  5. Use the “Murphy bed” concept. You can fold away your desk, kitchen table and, of course, your bed to free up more floor space when these are not in use.
  6. Install over-the-door storage everywhere. This concept is not just for the bathroom or closet. Put plants, knickknacks, magazines and other items on an over-the-door storage in another place in your apartment.
  7. Add pot rails to the back splash in your kitchen. This will give you a place to hang storage caddies for spices, spoons and more, not to mention the option to store pots and knives within easy reach.
  8. Use battery powered lights. If your apartment is short on lighting, battery powered options are a great choice. These eliminate the clutter of cords running through your apartment.
  9. Utilize the space under furniture. Your bed and couch may have enough space underneath to slide a storage tub, so make use of this space. Consider the space behind the couch too as a spot to store tall, thin things, like wrapping paper tubes.
  10. Keep the floors clear. Whenever possible, hang a floating shelf or other storage option to get items off the floor. The more floor space you have open, the larger your space will feel.

Your apartment can feel spacious and inviting if you use the space well. With these tips, you can maximize every square inch of space to keep your stuff organized, so you can fully enjoy your new apartment home.


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