How to Keep Your Apartment Sparkling Clean with Minimal Effort

Cleanliness is next to godliness, at least when you are an apartment dweller it is. When your space is limited, it takes very little effort for dirt and clutter to take over. Here are some tips to help making cleaning second nature, allowing you to keep your space spic and span with minimal effort on your part.

1. Having Guests? Clean Those Rooms First
If you’re cleaning for company and have limited time, only clean those rooms your guests will use. This means your bedroom will probably not need to be cleaned. The bathroom and main living areas need your first efforts. If you have time, then clean the rest.

2. Keep Clothes and Linens Picked Up
Make it a rule that you never leave dirty clothing or linens out. Have a designated place for all of these. This will help prevent you from having a big cleaning job just because you’ve left your dirty socks laying around. If you do forget, power through your home and pick up all of them all at once to get your cleaning underway quickly.

3. Speed Through and Get Your Dishes
When it’s cleaning time, speed through your apartment and grab all the dishes, putting them in the sink. The sooner you get them off the rest of the surfaces in your home, the better. This will allow you to focus on the deep cleaning.

4. Grab What Doesn’t Belong
As you clean each space, do a room at a time. Start by grabbing everything that does not belong in that room and placing it into a tub or basket. Do not put these items away, but simply remove them from the space. Then tidy the things that belong in that room and put things away that stay in the room but are out of space. By not moving from room to room you will save time. When you move to the next room, remove the items from the tub that belong in that room and put them away before starting the job again.

5. Create a Cleaning Caddy
Put all of your regularly used cleaning supplies in a caddy, and carry it with you as you clean the surfaces in your apartment home. Having everything close at hand will make the job go much more quickly. Clean from top to bottom, ending with the floors, so anything you drop in the process is easily cleaned up.

Cleaning your modern apartment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use these tricks, and you can knock out the job in no time.


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