Most Desired Pet Amenities in Apartment Communities

Are you in the market for a new apartment, and will be moving in with a pet? Make sure the apartment is truly pet friendly. What should you look for? Is a pet park and pet spa enough? Here is a closer look at what would make an apartment community truly “pet friendly.”

On-Site Pet Grooming
Many of today’s top apartment communities now have pet spas on site. Rather than bathing your pooch in your apartment tub, simply head down to the pet spa to have an expert do it for you. This can include important grooming processes like nail clippings and dental cleanings in addition to the wash, brush and trim.

A Place to Play
If your pet is a dog, you know that your dog needs exercise outside of the walls of your apartment. Make sure the community has a place for your pet to play. This may be in the form of an off-leash pet park, which is great, or it may be in the form of walking trails where you can take a walk together. Many communities will even have both of these! Make sure you have a place where you can get your dog a little exercise.

In-House Dog Walkers
This one might be a little harder to find, as it may not be well advertised, but see if there are dog walkers at your apartment community or nearby that you can utilize. When your lifestyle is too busy to tackle the daily walk, make sure your pet is getting in the exercise needed by partnering with a professional dog walker.

Other Pet Owners
While this may not be an amenity that the community can provide on its own, but if the apartment community is truly pet friendly, you will see other pet owners as residents. Look for this, or ask about it, as you search for a new apartment home. As an added bonus, having neighbors who also are pet owners will help you find something to bond about as you move in to a new community.

Varela Westshore is a pet-friendly apartment community in Tampa that has the amenities you want to keep your pooch comfortable. Visit us today to see what luxury apartment living is all about.


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