Best 4 Tips for Having a Dog in an Apartment

It may be your first time moving into an apartment with a dog, or the 100th. Either way, it’s a good idea to brush up on your modern apartment etiquette, develop a rapport with your neighbors, and take advantage of services designed for the busy pet owner.

The following tips will help you navigate the world of apartment etiquette and keep your neighbors from giving you the side-eye every time you step outside of your door.

  1. Find an Appropriate Apartment

If you have a large breed dog, it’s safe to say that a small studio isn’t for you. Thankfully, many luxury apartments have pet parks and other areas for your dog to get exercise and socialize. A park can also be a great place for you to meet your neighbors, too. In addition, many apartments or communities offer dog-walking services that can be critical for busy pet parents or families. During the day when you’re working, you can have a trusted party take your pup out for a stroll to get much-needed exercise and fresh air.

  1. Know the Designated Pet Potty Areas

This should be common sense and courtesy, but not everyone learns the designated bathroom areas and then takes the time to clean up after their pets. Train your dog to wait to use the bathroom until you get to one of the designated areas. If you keep a mini bag-dispenser attached to your leash, it can make cleanup quick and easy.

  1. Keep the Bark at Bay

If your dog is barking during quiet hours or non-stop during the day, not only is it rude to your neighbors, but it can also violate pet policy at many apartments. With bigger breeds, keep in mind that playtime or jumping around the house can be heard by neighbors, especially with thin floors or walls. Try to talk to your neighbors and find out if any of the noise is bothering them, and keep it to a minimum during quiet hours. They will appreciate the gesture.

  1. Keep Common Spaces Clean

If you’re bringing your pup in from a walk and it’s been raining or muddy, have a cloth ready to clean off their paws and avoid a messy situation. No one wants to trudge through a snow-slush or mud that your pet has dragged into the apartment, and the accumulated water can cause not only irritation, but also injury.

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