Moving? Be Sure to Update Your Address in These 6 Places

It’s finally happened—after a long search, you’ve found the perfect new apartment to move into. Your mind is reeling with things that need bought, cleaned, moved, and done, so it’s easy to forget about updating your address in all of the critical places.

We’ve developed a helpful list so that you have one less thing to worry before moving into your new luxury apartment.

1. The Post Office

This change of address is the most important because it allows the postal service to forward all of your previous mail to your new address. You can then take stock of what mail you do and don’t want as well as catch critical address changes that may have slipped by. Thankfully, you can do this online at

2. Your Employer

If you end up moving jobs but never update your employer, critical documents or W2’s may get lost in the shuffle. Plus, a new address directly affects your tax rate, so make sure to update your employer with your new address immediately.

3. Utility Companies

If you’re paying the bills at your old or new apartment, you’ll need to reach out to the utility companies to avoid a lapse in service. Contact your electric, gas, water, cable, internet, and phone companies and let them know when you’ll need to discontinue service, and then let them know when to turn it back on during your move-in date.

4. Credit Cards, Banks, and other Financial Institutions

Even though you’d probably like to escape those student loans by moving out of the country, you’re probably still going to need your bills and statements. You can generally change your address online, but you may need to make a few phone calls as well.

5. Online Deliveries and Subscriptions

I’ve had items shipped from Amazon to an old address more times than I would care to admit, and once it’s done, it may be difficult to get your purchase back. Go online and update any shopping service, box subscription, magazine subscription, or anything else that you’ve paid for that will be delivered to your new address.

6. Family and Friends

Make sure to update family and friends (at least the ones you still want to hear from). You may miss out on important invitations and celebrations if they go to the wrong address. If you’re big on sending Christmas cards or other holiday cards, you’ll want to make sure your address goes out before then.