Best Places to Grab a Drink in 27516

Whether you’re heading out with friends, want to check out the local live music scene while having a drink, or simply looking to connect with the fun side of Chapel Hill, you will find a number of bars that are ready to welcome you. Here are some of our favorite spots to grab a drink not far from Carraway Village.

The Kraken, 2823 NC Highway 54 West
The Kraken offers live music on the weekends and a free pool table every night of the week, paired with friendly bar tenders and plenty to drink. This local gathering place has been around since the 1970s, but it has recently been renamed and revitalized for the modern crowd. Stop in on the first or third Tuesday of the month to enjoy an old time string band, or watch the game on the big screen when your favorite teams are playing. Food trucks often come by, providing dining as well as drinks.

The Crunkleton, 320 West Franklin Street
Walk into the Crunkleton and you will feel like you have stepped back in time. A wall of drinks and kegs greets you while friendly bartenders take your order. Choose from a selection of signature cocktails and hand mixed drinks, then enjoy dinner cooked over the open fire. It’s the best of both worlds and decidedly Southern, and you are sure to enjoy your experience at Crunkleton.

Zog’s Pool Hall, 108 ½ Henderson Street
Zog’s Pool Hall is a local favorite in Chapel Hill. Here you can hear local artists perform regularly and enjoy affordable drinks in a traditional dive bar setting complete with pool tables. Zog’s also sells New Orleans inspired food, so you won’t leave hungry! Zog’s is known for its low-key atmosphere and friendly, helpful staff, and it will certainly become a favorite hangout for your crew.

The Station, 201 East Main Street
The Station is housed within an historic train station in downtown Carrboro, making the perfect setting for craft beer, live music, and hand-crafted cocktails. The building, built in 1882, now houses a bar that is also a venue for live music performances. The Station serves bottled and draught beers, craft cocktails made from local ingredients, as well as non-alcoholic choices. CrossTies Bistro and Beer Garden offers food for the evening crowds as well.

No matter which of these establishments you visit, you’ll find that the atmosphere and drinks will make for a fun evening. The next time you have a Friday or Saturday night free, make plans to frequent one of these bars and make some new friends!


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