Best Places to Grocery Shop Around Uptown Charlotte

Living in Uptown Charlotte allows you to stay near all the action going on in the Queen City. You are close to the best restaurants, and there is always something to do – whether you want to hang out at a local bar or check out a live music performance. And if you work in Uptown, it makes your daily commute a breeze!

Aside from all the fun parts of living in Uptown Charlotte, you have to think about the everyday practicalities as well. For example, no matter how much you love trying out all the local restaurants, you still have to go to the grocery store sometimes. While there are plenty of lists detailing every fun place in the area you should check out, the same isn’t always true of grocery stores. To help make things a little easier for you, we have put together some of the best places to grocery shop near Uptown 550 on Stonewall.

Whole Foods
400 E Stonewall Street
If you are living in Uptown 550, it doesn’t get any more convenient than stopping by the new Whole Foods that recently opened just down the street. Especially if you are into eating clean and organic foods, Whole Foods is one of the best grocery stores that will provide you with plenty of options. It is also a convenient choice on evenings when you want to eat a healthy meal but you do not want to deal with the hassle of cooking yourself. With a salad and hot bar that is full of options, you are sure to find something you will enjoy. And don’t forget – you can also get a discount on your bill if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Trader Joe’s
1133 Metropolitan Avenue
We never knew it was possible for a grocery store chain to have a cult following until Trader Joe’s came along. Did you know that bloggers even love to share about all their favorite products to buy from Trader Joe’s? If you have never tried one out, now is your chance. This grocery store is a fantastic option if you are trying to put together easy meals, with popular items like pre-mixed salads and frozen entrees. Trader Joe’s is also known for its beautiful plant and flower selection, so you can get a little something to spruce up your home as well.

Reid’s Fine Foods
121 W Trade Street
In a time where chain establishments seem to reign supreme, it’s nice to still have some local options. Reid’s Fine Foods is a specialty food store in the Charlotte area. This is the place to come if you need a nice bottle of wine, premium meats, locally grown produce, local food and treats, thoughtfully curated gift baskets, and so much more.