4 Reasons Why You need an Apartment Near the Beach

If you’ve ever lived near water or a beach, such as Novus Westshore in Tampa, FL, you understand the allure. The sound of waves ebbing and flowing against the shoreline, the warmth of the sun shining on your shoulders, and the feeling of sand beneath your toes are enough to make anyone crave a relaxing trip to the beach.

Now, imagine having the beautiful sounds, the stunning scenery, and the relaxing atmosphere just minutes from your apartment. Sound good? Let’s explore a few more reasons you need an apartment near the beach today.

  1. Coastal Décor is Fun and Affordable

Beach chic, coastal style, or coastal cottage décor are all different variants of beachfront styles that are easy to employ and aesthetically pleasing. They are punctuated by an open and airy allure full of bright colors and soft, soothing furnishings. One decorative technique is to create a room with a primarily bright color like white, and then make it pop with exciting flashes of color, like yellow decorative pillows and artwork frames.

Natural wood is one of the staples of coastal décor, whether that comes in the form of a sleek dining room table, coffee table, or entertainment center. Combine seaside coastal blue hues and green plant life to bring the natural look together.

Finally, you’re afforded a variety of textures with a beach style, so be sure to take advantage of it. Different fabrics, distressed metals, and an abundance of seashore materials like twigs, shells, and more can make for a fun decorative process.

  1. Great Dining, Entertainment, and Community

The beach is a prime location for any business, so great entertainment and dining options are sure to be nearby. Plus, you won’t find a place to buy fresher high-quality crab, lobster, and other seafood options. If you’re looking into school, attending a university close to the ocean means you always have a place to relax during finals week or have fun with friends.

  1. You’re Minutes Away from a Mini-Vacation

Want to step away and go for a swim? Maybe you want to buy a boat and go fishing? How about sunbathing? Surfing? Volleyball? A romantic walk on the beach? Maybe you just want to sit down with a good book? The possibilities are endless when you live near the beach, and you have the option to do all of these things anytime you’re bored, any day of the week.

  1. It can Improve your Health

Your mental health is critical to your overall wellbeing, and nothing clears the mind like a trip to the beach. It’s easier to relax, have fun, and let your stress melt away when you’re beachside. Sand also acts as a natural exfoliate, so you’ll have healthier skin as long as you apply sunscreen.