Best Space Saving Tips for Apartments

Whether you live in a spacious single apartment or a 3-bedroom townhome (both of which you can find at Pinehurst on Providence), your apartment can always benefit from a few space-saving techniques and tips. This article will help you consolidate space, get rid of clutter, and create the suave, stylish, spacious apartment you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Use Magnetic Storage Solutions

This lifesaving tip can help you save room all over your apartment. For the bathroom or a makeup room, you can hang a magnetic strip for hairpins, bows, and more. You can also hang your toothbrushes by cutting a divot out of a cap, then adding a magnet to the other side. Place the head of your toothbrush above the divot and it will hang in place. Use heavy-duty magnets in the kitchen to hang knives for easy access.

  1. The Refrigerator Spice Rack

Want your spices to stop taking up all of that space in your cupboards? Hot-glue powerful magnets to small baby food jars (by the lid) to create the storage containers, and then affix them to your fridge. You can also cut out and glue a small, decorative piece of construction paper to the bottom of the jar to label your spices. Now they’re right within reach, easy to find, and saving valuable cupboard space.

  1. Take the Doors Off of Closets

Sometimes your closet door serves no purpose other than getting in the way. With the door removed, the additional space where it swings open will now be free. Plus, you can repurpose a large closet as a workstation with a desk and chair.

  1. Use Wooden Couch Wraps

Ditch the side table and dress up your couch arm with a wooden wrap. These simple solutions give you a place to set a drink or dinner when you don’t have space for a side table or coffee table. If you’re an above-average woodworker, you can create your own inexpensive wraps. Plus they’re a stylish addition to any modern apartment.

  1. Use Small Spaces to Your Advantage

Most of us have a few small gaps in our home that can be put to use, such as between a washer and dryer or a dishwasher and cabinet. Purchase a narrow shelving unit and slide it in those areas to store laundry supplies and cookbooks.

  1. Hang Up Behind the Door Shoe Holders

This inexpensive solution works for more than just shoes. You can hang one in your bathroom closet to store bath supplies or towels. You can put one in your bedroom closet for rolled up shorts, underwear, and t-shirts.

  1. Raise your Bed

Whether you utilize bunk beds to add extra space in a kid’s room or you just use bed risers to instantly add storage area to your bedroom, getting your bed higher up is a great space-saving solution.