Top 5 Benefits of “College Town” Living

At Trinity Commons, we are proud of the fact that we offer a modern apartment experience in the heart of a proverbial “college town.” In fact, many of the people who call our community home spend their days at nearby Duke University, but those who live in the area and do not work or go to school at the university still benefit from living in a college town. Here are some ways that choosing an apartment in a college town benefit you, regardless of where you work.

1. College Towns Have the Best “Vibe”
There’s a particular “vibe” that comes with college town life. Maybe it’s from the large number of young adults who make the town their home. Perhaps its from the many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that tend to come with living in a college town. Regardless, you will find that Durham has a vibrant, engaging culture that makes life here fun.

2. Exceptional Walkability
College students don’t always have cars, and as such college towns tend to be highly “walkable.” In a college town, you can get from one place to another easily, even if you don’t have a set of wheels. In Durham, large sidewalks and a solid public transportation system make it simple to get around town. You can easily make a life here without a car, or if you have one, you can leave it behind often when you head out to enjoy life.

3. Education at Your Fingertips
You don’t have to be enrolled as a full-time student to benefit from the educational opportunities at a college or university. Regular lectures on important topics, classes in subject areas of interest to you, and community-based educational opportunities are all available when you live near a school of higher education. In addition, well-known colleges and universities can often bring in well-known names, like brilliant physicians or popular authors, for community forums.

4. Sports, Sports, and More Sports
When you live in a college town, it’s hard not to become a fan of their collegiate teams. The energy and passion of the student body is contagious, and the fanfare that occurs on football weekends rivals that of any professional sporting venue. If you love sports, you will have ample opportunities to back your favorite team! Just be careful if your favorite is a rival, because Blue Devil pride runs deep in Durham.

5. The Dining Scene
College students tend to eat out often, and that means college towns have a rich dining scene. Not only that, but the restaurants tend to be more budget-friendly, since college students don’t typically have a lot of expendable funds. you’ll also find a wealth of coffee shops and bars to explore, giving you yet another incentive to make a college town your home.

As you can see, college towns carry many substantial benefits. If you’re looking for a new luxury apartment community, and a college town seems to be the right fit, consider Trinity Commons in Durham to enjoy all of these benefits and more.