What to Do When You and Your Roommate Don’t Agree on Design


If you were asked to list all the reasons why your roommate is the ideal roommate for you, the result would probably be as long as a CVS receipt. However, those similarities may not be exact when it comes to design. Even your ideal roomie might not have the same ideal living situation as you. But you both deserve to live in a space you love. So, what do you do? Whether you’re moving in together for the first time or are finally ready to make some design compromises, we have some tips and tricks.

Our goal is to illustrate how easy designing your new apartment at the Residences at Capitol View can be even when your tastes don’t match. Here are our top three recommendations.

Go with The Popular Vote
When in a design disagreement, and if you have more than one roommate, go with the popular vote. You may win some, and you may lose some. However, this would make it the fairest. After some time, you may notice that some of these choices may open your mind to new styles.

If there are two roommates, or any other even number, and the vote is tied, phone a friend! Getting others involved, maybe mutual friends, allows for another fair method of picking which design element to go with.

Furthermore, if you want to make things a little easier, make compromises. If one roommate must have that oversized coffee table, the other roomie gets to choose the decor that goes on it. This mix and match style of design makes it fun and allows you and your roomie some bonding time.

Choose Clean Lines
We know what you’re thinking, but clean lines don’t have to mean choosing something boring. They just mean you’re picking a piece that can integrate with a variety of different tastes. You’ll be doing yourself a favor. Look for pieces that come in natural materials, which are generally crowd pleasers, with clean lines. These types of pieces have serious staying power.

No matter how you and your partner’s tastes change through the years, furniture with clean lines will always be easy to integrate. Think similarly for your dining table, bookshelves and other furniture. You’ll be more likely to choose pieces both you and your partner will like, not just today but for years to come.

Another great way to keep your space looking clean and appealing to people of varying tastes is to opt for mirrors as your artwork. When you and your partner have different tastes, choosing art can be a conundrum. Mirrors are a great way to add visual interest to your space without having to argue over design. Plus, they’ll brighten up any room, making it feel larger.

Go Neutral
This probably isn’t much of a surprise, but let’s not overlook it. When you’re trying to choose pieces that will please people of different tastes, neutrals are best. Now, before you assume, we’re telling you to whitewash your space and create something so conventional everyone’s grandma will love it, wait. Yes, neutrals are a great solution when trying to blend different tastes. But they don’t have to be boring. You can choose a neutral duvet, then layer on pillows and throws you like. It’s a whole lot easier to find smaller accent pieces both you and your partner will like. By going neutral for the larger, investment pieces, you set yourselves up with a foundation on which you can build.

Now that you have the tools to align your design ideals in your new apartment, contact us to learn more about our floorplans, and hopefully you can now agree on that too!


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