Luxury Apartment Features You Can’t Live Without

If you’re in the market for luxury apartments, you want to know that the apartment you choose has all of the amenities you need. Not all apartment communities are created equal, and many that call themselves “luxury” communities lack some of the most important amenities you want for your comfort and convenience. So what makes an apartment community truly luxurious? Look for one with these important features.

1. A Top-Notch Fitness Center
Many of today’s apartment communities have on-site fitness centers, but some are little more than a collection of machines in a small room in the community center. Look for a community that boasts a complete fitness center experience. Features like private fitness rooms, on-site fitness classes, Peloton bikes, and a spa or sauna elevate the fitness center experience.

2. Outdoor Lounge Facilities
Simply having a few picnic tables scattered around the yard is not enough to give apartment dwellers a true outdoor living experience. Look for a community that has put some thought into this. Outdoor fireplaces, gardens with carefully placed seating, and green space that has been carefully calculated to look its best are all part of this. You may even want outdoor kitchens and entertaining spaces.

3. The Best Views
No matter where an apartment community is located, it can have a beautiful view, and true luxury will capitalize on this. Floor-to-ceiling windows, rooftop lounge spaces, and even elevated fitness centers or pools all allow you to take in the view around your apartment home. This is a feature that makes a truly luxurious apartment community stand out.

4. Concierge Services
Living in a luxury apartment community should feel like living in a resort all year long, and concierge services can help create this vibe. A concierge can help you reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, call a taxi, get concert tickets, handle package delivery, and much more. You’ll feel pampered and cared for when you choose an apartment community that has this added touch.

5. Pet Amenities
Today’s apartment dweller often has a pet, and the top luxury apartment communities will not only allow them, but also embrace them. To see if a community truly embraces pets, look for one with pet-friendly amenities. A pet spa, pet park, and pet walking service are some examples of pet-friendly amenities you will want in your community if you’re planning to bring a pet with you.

Remember, finding the right luxury apartment community means looking for the “extras” that make life in the community exciting and comfortable. In Charlotte, Uptown 550 has it all. Great views, an enviable fitness center, pet-friendly amenities, 24/7 concierge and welcoming outdoor spaces make Uptown 550 a desirable apartment community in one of the top neighborhoods in Charlotte.