How to Add an Outdoor Bar to Your Townhome’s Patio

An outdoor bar can spruce up your outdoor patio in your modern townhome, such as the one’s found at Chapel Watch Village. It can transform your patio into a favorite hangout with friends and family. While it may seem like a difficult task, adding an attractive outdoor bar to your patio can be simple.

Measure the Area
Think about the size of outdoor bar you want. Leave plenty of room behind the bar and measure the area of your patio where the bar will be. You can use the space behind the bar for extra seat storage if needed. You also want to be sure there is room for someone to get behind the bar for drinks!

Find Your Ideal Bar
Take your available space into consideration and find an outdoor bar that suits your style. Lightweight wicker bars are ideal for patios as they weigh less and are typically cheaper than outdoor bars made of other materials. This also makes for easy transport if you decide to move your bar to another part of your patio. If you need more space for shelves than the bar provides, consider mounting floating shelves behind the bar. This can free up space behind the bar for other items you may want to store.

If you’re not looking for a full-size bar, there are many other options available to suit your space. Bar carts are great if you don’t entertain guests on the patio often, since they are easy to move and keep everything you need tidy.

Tall dining tables can be used in place of bars. While they don’t offer nearly as many shelves or storage space, they can be moved temporarily outside when you have guests.

If you don’t want to add more furniture to your patio, you can always serve drinks on a tray. This makes it convenient to take a glass to each person you’re serving and takes up much less space than a traditional outdoor bar.

Some outdoor bars come with the option to purchase matching stools or chairs for an additional cost. If the bar you want does not, find seats that match the style. Since patios don’t offer much room, stools that can be stored beneath or behind the bar are ideal so they’re out of the way when not in use.

You won’t want to carry everything back in the house when you’re done entertaining guests so be sure you purchase an outdoor bar that also caters to your storage needs. There’s more to a successful outdoor bar than just alcohol and glasses. You can store ice in a small cooler beside or behind the bar to ensure you always have a cold drink available. Keep nonperishable snacks available in the bar too, in case your guests want something to munch on. You may also want to keep small plastic storage containers readily available for leftover snacks that can’t be resealed. If you’re grilling out for guests, save time by keeping a set of dinnerware in your bar as well.

Adding an outdoor bar to your patio doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With the introduction of smaller, yet still functional outdoor bars, you can turn your patio into a place for the party. Make room behind your bar for extra storage of seats and ensure you have plenty of room for a well-stocked bar. Keep snacks and dinnerware on hand in case you decide to grill out or serve your guests more than a drink. There are other inexpensive ways to create an outdoor bar if you don’t have room for a larger setup, but they will all allow you to entertain guests with ease.