Gym Etiquette Tips

When you move into The Village at Commonwealth, you can ditch your gym membership. The on-site fitness facilities give you ample space to stay in shape. Yet, even though these facilities are one of the perks of living in the community, enjoying them does not mean you can give up your gym etiquette. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the gym while being a good community member.

1. Wait Your Turn
If a piece of equipment is in high demand, it may have a wait. Do not hover around the person who is using it. You may indicate that you would like to use it next, but then move on to something else while the person finishes his or her workout. Never make someone feel rushed while they finish, because you would not want to be made to feel that way either.

2. Read and Follow Posted Rules
Most apartment communities have rules for the use of their gym. Find the rules for yours and read them. Then, make sure you are following them. Rules are in place for your safety and for the enjoyment of everyone using the space, so make sure that you obey them.

3. Keep the Tunes Down
Living in the day of earbuds, most patrons of the workout room can keep their music to themselves. However, it’s still possible to crank the tunes too high and annoy others using the space. Keep the volume down and use headphones of some sort to enjoy your music.

4. Put It Back
If your workout facility has free weights or other mobile workout equipment, put it back in its spot when you are done using it. Leaving equipment out not only makes it hard for the next person to utilize it, but it can also create a tripping hazard.

5. Turn It Off
If you are using a piece of equipment that is electronic, make sure you turn it off when you’re done. Leaving the machine running will cause it to wear out prematurely and uses electricity resources.

6. Share Equipment
While you should wait patiently for your turn on the machine, make sure you are not hogging it either. The size of apartment community gyms or fitness centers mean that a limited number of pieces of equipment are available, so you’re going to need to share. Keep your time on most equipment to 30 minutes, unless you are the only one in the facility, so everyone can have a turn.

7. Bring and Use a Towel
A good workout means working up a sweat, but don’t leave your sweat behind on the equipment. Use a towel or disinfecting wipes to clean up the area when you are done.

Using an apartment community fitness center means learning how to be a good neighbor. With these tips, you can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time at the facility.