Top Feng Shui Tips for the Bathroom

As you prepare and decorate your apartment, the bathroom is one room that is often overlooked. Yet this room is one you spend significant time in every day. Keeping positive energy in this room will start and end your day well. Here are some tips to help you keep the right type of energy in place as you are decorating and organizing your apartment at Solstice.

Keep Things Clean
Much of the idea of Feng Shui revolves around the flow of energy. In an apartment, you have little control over where the bathroom is located, but you can control its cleanliness. Since Feng Shui relies on renewal and purification, you need to keep the bathroom clean. This will help the positive energy thrive, even in a difficult space.

Keep Air Moving
Keep the flow of air steady in your bathroom. Since it probably lacks a window, use the vent to regularly encourage air circulation in the space. You can also add a fan from time to time to move the air in and out of the room.

Use Plants to Purify the Air
Plants are an excellent addition to your space when it comes to creating positive energy. This natural element reduces the sterility of a bathroom and helps purify the air. Consider succulents, which do not require a lot of sunlight or maintenance and look appropriate in a bathroom.

Close the Lid
The toilet lid being up creates an instant negative energy. The solution to this is simple – close the lid every time you use the toilet. Open drains, including the toilet, pull positive energy down and out of the home, so keep the lid closed. This is probably one of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to deal with your bathroom’s energy.

Close the Door
Similarly, if you leave the door to the bathroom open, you’re creating a path for the positive energy to leave your home more easily. To prevent this, keep the bathroom door closed. This will also help reduce the attention drawn to the less attractive room of your home.

Add a Mirror
In addition to shutting the door, hang a mirror on the bathroom door. This will reflect the positive energy away from the bathroom and back into your home. This will also make your luxury apartment feel larger by opening the space around the bathroom door visually.

Choose the Right Rug
A bathroom needs a rug, but when considering Feng Shui, you will need to consider the position of the rug. Rectangular rugs in a green color work best for north bathrooms. South bathrooms need square rugs in skin tones. For bathrooms in the east of the home, triangular rugs in red are ideal. West or northwest bathrooms need a blue rug in a wavy shape. Finally, for southwest or northeast facing bathrooms, circular rugs in silver or gray colors are ideal.

Bathrooms of necessity have a lot of negative energy, but you can counter this with the right Feng Shui practices. Use these tips to keep the positive energy where you want it – right in your apartment.