Pool Workouts to Try This Summer

One of the benefits of living in an apartment community is the many amenities you have available to you, and the community pool is often one of those. If you are a resident of Uptown 550, you have an outdoor saltwater pool to enjoy, but that pool is for more than just relaxation. If you are smart, you can get a great workout at the pool. Here are some ideas to try.

Work Your Core with Bicycles
The bicycle move is a great way to work your core. Lean against the side of the pool and support yourself with your elbows. Allow your legs to float in front of you, then cycle them as if you are riding a bike. The resistance of the water will make this a bit of a strength training exercise, and keeping your legs off the floor will also engage your core.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks are not difficult to do, but when you do them in the pool, you engage more muscles. Try to do these in the deeper end and keep your feet from touching the bottom while you also move them in the normal jumping jack movement. The added work of keeping yourself afloat will increase the calorie burn of this common workout move.

Bicep Curls
Do you want to work out your arms in the pool without swimming laps? Consider bicep curls. Bicep curls in the water add the resistance of the water to the move, which makes your muscles work harder. You can also use pool resistance “weights” to make the workout even more intense. This exercise is relatively simple, so make sure you focus on having the full range of motion throughout the move.

Noodle Crunches
Grab a pool noodle and use it to support your arms and shoulders, wrapping it around your back. Allow your legs to float out in front of you, then pull your abs in so you perform a crunch movement. Because you are doing a vertical movement in the water as well as a horizontal movement, rather than just horizontal as you would on the ground, you will work more of your abdominal muscles. If you don’t have a noodle, support yourself on the side of the pool and raise your legs for a similar workout.

Noodle Flyback
If you want to work your upper body, position your pool noodle so you are sitting on it like a bicycle. Then, sweep your arms back and forth to propel yourself across the pool backwards. This will work your entire upper torso, and if it’s too demanding at first, you can bicycle your legs for added momentum.

Getting a workout in the pool is not difficult. With these moves, you can burn a lot of calories and work on toning and trimming, all without doing a single lap.