Best Patio Garden Ideas

Maintaining a garden in a townhome, like the one’s in Cosgrove Hill, can be hard work but the benefits are worth it. Not only will you save money, but you’ll have access to fresh vegetables and herbs. If you don’t have much room for a garden, there are ways to utilize the space you do have, even on your patio. Turn your patio into a planter’s paradise with these 10 patio garden ideas.

Suspended Garden
This works best for herbs and plants that don’t produce large crops. Fill a lightweight planter with soil and your favorite herbs, then secure with a small rope or other stringing material. Tie the other end to a hook or other fastener and let your garden hang down.

Repurpose an Old Ladder
Ladders offer storage for multiple planters without taking away a lot of footage from your patio. Start with larger planters on bottom and work up the ladder to smaller pots of vegetables or herbs. You can also use the sides of the ladder for hanging planters!

Vertical Garden Using Crates
Line rot-resistant wooden crates with burlap or another breathable material and secure to a wall or other sturdy surface. Fill the crates with your choice of soil and plants. Plants that require a deep depth will not thrive in crates, so be sure to choose plants that will survive in the depth available.

Tiered Pots
Tiered pots are simple and inexpensive to put together and make a great herb garden. Start with the largest pot available. Turn a smaller pot upside down and place into your bottom pot, filling the empty area with soil. The upside down pot ensures the upper tiers do not sink into the lower pots and destroy the plants. You can now add another pot and repeat the process until the desired height is reached. Due to the pots in the center for stability, this is best for smaller herbs and flowers.

Put an Old Shoe Organizer to Use
While you won’t be able to grow watermelon in a shoe organizer, it is perfect for a small herb garden that is up and out of the way. Hang the organizer, taking sunlight exposure into consideration, and fill the pockets with soil. You can then place your favorite herbs in each pocket. If drainage becomes an issue, you can poke holes in the bottom of the pockets so your plants won’t drown in the rain.

Use an Old Spice Rack
Another great example of upcycling would be to use an old spice rack for a small garden. Due to the shallow nature of spice racks, plants that do not need much depth are ideal. Place burlap in the spice rack and fill with soil, completing with your favorite herbs or even strawberries!

Combine Plants in Larger Pots
Larger planting pots can host more than one type of plant. This can save space by decreasing the number of pots sitting around on your patio. Be sure the plants are compatible. Most pepper plants can be grown close together while still thriving.

Window Boxes
Window boxes are another asset when you are planning a patio garden. You can secure them to a wall or railing so you’re not taking up space on the patio itself. Window boxes are available in a variety of depths, so you have more options available when planting in them. Just be sure they are secured well; you don’t want your hard work hitting the ground.

Gutter Planters
Much like window boxes, you can secure gutters to a wall or railing and use them for plants. Since they tend to be shallow, this is another patio garden idea that requires plants fit for the environment they’ll be in. Herbs are ideal, but some fruits and vegetables will grow in shallow depths.

Standing Garden Box
A standing garden is a great way to grow plants that require more depth than window boxes or spice racks can offer. You can make your own or purchase one already made from most local hardware or garden stores. If you decide to make one yourself, be sure to use rot proof wood or you won’t have your standing garden long. For convenience, you can add wheels to the standing garden so it can easily be moved as needed.

Whether you have a large yard to plant a garden or you’re confined to a small space, there are ways for you to grow your own food and herbs. There are many items that can be repurposed to hold pots and plants of varying sizes. If you’re limited in floor space, you can stack pots or make a floating garden. Enjoy a patio garden without sacrificing much room!