Best Ways to Cut the Cable Cord in Your Apartment

If you’re like many apartment residents, you’re looking for ways to minimize expenditures in the face of a steadily increasing cost of living. You can buy a car with a better MPG ratio, cook your meals at home more frequently, or even find a fantastic luxury apartment like the Apartments at Palladian Place which has many amenities such as an incredible gym (bye-bye gym membership!) and a barista on staff serving complimentary cafe drinks (no need to pay $5 a day for coffee!).

Here’s a tip—if you’re still paying high prices for cable, you’re throwing away money every month. Let’s look into a few cable alternatives that are sure to provide a better product at a better price.

The Free Options
Your Local Library – Did you know that libraries have DVDs, modern TV shows, and even workout videos that can be watched in the library or rented? A quiet atmosphere and nearly infinite content makes the library a great option.

YouTube – This Google service allows video-makers to host their content for free on the YouTube platform. YouTube is an incredible place where new, original content is always being uploaded for an endless stream of entertainment. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch your favorite network shows here.

HD Antenna – If you’re looking to watch all of your local network TV stations for no cost beyond your antenna, all in high definition, the antenna is a well-worth-it investment.

Streaming Services
How do you know if a streaming service is right for you? If you value instant, original content as well as popular television series all with no or minimal commercials, you might find a streaming service a great value. You’ll need a computer, gaming console, streaming media player, or smart TV to access most streaming services. Each fee listed below is monthly.

Netflix, $8-12 – Netflix is one of the original streaming services. It started as a DVD rental service, and in 2007, it expanded to include streaming media. In 2010, they began producing Netflix Original Content to accompany the traditional shows on their streaming service. Netflix allows you to binge-watch your favorite shows or movies without being interrupted by commercials, and it can be accessed through multiple different devices and accounts.

Hulu, $8-12 – Hulu is a streaming service similar to Netflix. Both services offer original content, but some of their other TV shows and movies also differ. Before you choose a streaming service, look at its content to make sure the shows appeal to you. Unlike Netflix, Hulu has short commercials, but you can opt-out for $4.

Amazon Prime Video, $8.99 – If you have Amazon Prime, you also have Amazon Prime Video. You can also purchase movies or shows not included in their available list.