Making the Most of a Brilliant Apartment View

Many urban apartments have delicious views of downtown scenery, like you will find at Trinity Commons. If you are moving into an apartment with a stunning view and the floor-to-ceiling windows to highlight it, you need to find a way to make the most out of that view. As you consider how to arrange your furnishings and decorate your apartment, here are some tips to make sure the view doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

1. Arrange Your Furniture Around It
As you arrange the furniture in your living room, arrange it in such a way that people are automatically drawn to the view. Instead of placing your seating with the back facing the window, place it so that the viewer faces the window. Instead of putting a couch in front of the window, place it across from the window. These changes will help ensure everyone in your home is able to fully enjoy the view.

2. Choose the Right Window Coverings
You need window coverings for your privacy, but you need to choose them carefully. You want them to accent the view when the windows are opened, while also giving you full coverage when you close the curtains. Consider window treatments that you can slide fully out of the way and off to the side when you want to enjoy the view, but that provide great coverage when you are wanting some privacy.

3. Keep the Area Outside Uncluttered
If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or patio on your apartment, enjoy it, but be careful that you do not clutter up your view. While a patio garden or other patio furnishings are a nice addition, they take up quite a bit of your outdoor view. Make sure you do not cover or clutter the view with too much outdoor apparatus.

4. Consider the View from All Angles
When decorating to highlight your view, don’t just focus on the living area. Look at the view from different areas of your 1 or 2-bedroom apartment where the window is visible. Can you see the window from the kitchen? If so, make sure the view is unencumbered. Can you view the window from the dining area? Why not make it so that you can enjoy the view while you enjoy your dinner? Open floor plans make this possible, but you also need to tweak your decor to make it work.

5. Avoid Distracting Colors
When you have a stunning view, it should be the central focus of your decor. Avoid too many bright and conflicting colors. Keep your decor neutral if possible, or in one main color family, so the view takes central stage.

Creating a home that centers around a stunning view is not difficult. Simply think of the view itself as a piece of artwork that you want to highlight, and you will be able to build a room that does it well.