Top 5 Time Management Tips for Apartment Living

Time management goals are different for everyone. One person might strive to get tasks done quicker and more efficiently. To another person, time management might mean planning out a day, week, or month down to the hour. To another still, time management might be separating work hours from family time. Whatever your goals are, the following tips can help maximize your time.

  1. Plan For the Next Day

If you start off the next day without focus, it’ll take that much longer to get back on track—if you ever do. Organize your belongings for the next day, including food and clothes. Write down a handful of tasks you’ll need to take care of early the next day so you can start off ahead of the competition.

  1. Find an Apartment with Convenient Amenities

If you think about the time you spend looking for parking, driving to and from the coffee shop or tanning salon, or stressing about repairs to your home or apartment, it can add up substantially.

When you’re apartment hunting, look for an apartment like Point on Scott that have a controlled, gated access parking garage, 24/7 emergency maintenance, and an on-site tanning shelf. You’ll also take less time winding down after a long day when you have access to an indoor spa or outdoor hammock park.

  1. Set Goals and Prioritize

When you start setting goals, keep them attainable. Losing 100 pounds is a lofty goal, and if you don’t reach it quickly you might begin to lose momentum. Eating healthy and packing your lunches is a simple, realistic, sustainable set of goal that will eventually lead to success.

Prioritizing is just as important to success as setting realistic goals. Prioritize tasks into separates categories like urgent, important, or low-priority. Tackle the urgent categories first while delegating what you can, then move on.

  1. Remove Distractions

We’re constantly pulled in different directions by social media, e-mails, phone calls, and co-workers. If you’re not waiting on an urgent call, set your cell phone and other electronics out of sight. Otherwise, your subconscious is continually wondering who is texting or what’s going on at your favorite social media page. Find a quiet space in your apartment or office when you really need to concentrate.

  1. Utilize Time Management Tools

A calendar is the most basic time management tool. Software like Evernote helps you keep track of ideas and set priorities, and day-planners can keep you on task from hour-to-hour.