Kitchen Decor Trends of 2019

The kitchen is the most frequented room in any home, center for great conversations over coffee and large family dinners. It is also probably the last room thought of when considering décor. This year introduced some modern takes on classic looks and added some bold trends of its own. Carraway Village, a luxury apartment community in Chapel Hill, take’s a closer look…

One of the kitchen décor trends of 2019 is a painted ceiling. Not the traditional white or eggshell, but a soft color that matches your kitchen. A popular hue has been light blue, giving an airy, open feel to the room.

If you don’t want to add color to the ceiling, adding hints of bold or bright colors can liven up your kitchen. Instead of purchasing plain furniture, look for pieces that offer a touch of color to the room. You can also paint large pieces of furniture, such as a bar or island.

Traditional cabinets were left as their wood finish or painted a shade of white. To keep up with current trends, you can instead paint your cabinets a color you never would have considered before. Bold colored cabinets, such as violets or dark blues, will add a spark of personality to your kitchen.

If you’re not set on one color for your cabinets, 2 tone cabinets are in right now. Paint half of your cabinets whatever color you want while leaving the other half their natural wood color. You can alternate colors or paint in a pattern of your choice.

Bright colored range hoods offer a functional pop of color. No more boring whites and grays. Say hello to oranges, greens, and other unconventional colors for your stove hood.

Less is More
Forget placing the coffee pot on the counter. Many people are opting for a cabinet specifically for small appliances so they can leave their countertops looking crisp and uncluttered. Concealed storage is also a popular kitchen décor trend, keeping items out of sight for an overall clean look.

The kitchen may be the last place you would think to put a mirror, but it is a popular trend. It adds another spot to clean should water or grease splatters onto the mirror, but they look stunning.

Move over, stainless steel! Matte black appliances and fixtures add a classy, yet modern touch to any kitchen. It also makes it simple to find décor and paint colors, since black goes with just about everything.

Big appliances are being used for more than just their intended purpose. While they have a hefty price tag, they are simply too gorgeous to pass up. Statement appliances offer functionality and beauty all in one.

Smart appliances are becoming more common in households. Some refrigerators offer a touch screen to search for recipes, leave notes, or even listen to music. These features certainly don’t come cheap though!

Instead of the usual metal drawer pulls, consider a wooden or leather pull. Natural looks are gaining popularity and wood or leather certainly fit the mold.

Mixing textures is gaining speed as a popular kitchen décor trend of 2019. You can pair a mirrored backsplash with a stone countertop or even use textured inlays with matte cupboards. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen but don’t know where to start, 2019 has introduced some flawless kitchen décor trends. From statement appliances to bold, but beautiful colors, these are sure to stay in style. Don’t be afraid to grab your painting supplies and get started creating a kitchen that will be in season for years to come.