Best Hiking and Biking Trails in Chapel Hill

The nearly perfect climate of Chapel Hill makes it an excellent space to enjoy some time outdoors. If you’re looking to get out of your apartment and take a hike or ride your bike around the community, knowing where to go is not always easy. With so many great hiking and biking trails around the community, how can you choose the right one? The team at Chapel Watch Village breaks-down the top options to consider as you search for a place to take a hike.

Hike the Carolina North Forest
If you are looking for a trail that is quiet and peaceful, this is the one for you. You can go deep into the woods, and you’ll find that it’s not a very crowded spot, yet it’s easy to get to from Chapel Hill, NC. The ground is fairly flat, which is good for beginners or people hiking with dogs. The trails are also well marked with maps. Bikers or beginners appreciate the fact that one of the trails is wide and paved.

Morgan Creek Trail
Morgan Creek Trail has both paved and unpaved trails, and many are lined with stunning wildflowers. This is a great place to catch sight of native butterflies. Pet owners appreciate that this trail is near the Southern Community Dog Park, so you can get a good walk in then let your dog run and enjoy the park. As an added bonus the trail has ample shade, so even on a hot summer day it can be a pleasant place to take a walk. Deer are common sights here.

Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area
If you love to hike and want the challenge of a mountain, this is the spot for you. Though the mountain is more of a hill, it has lovely views of Hillsborough. It also has two lakes and plenty of rock formations to explore.

Eno River Park
This 4,000 acre park has trails for just about every ability level. The trails are particularly well maintained, and you will find they are full of wildlife with the river winding through. What sets this park apart is the presence of rangers, which are readily available to help you navigate. The park has several ponds and creeks where you can take a dip and cool off after a busy day biking or hiking.

Ayr Mount
Though it’s called a “mount,” Ayr Mount is a relatively mild place to hike. Minimal elevation, a historic Federal-era plantation, and a large pond are all viable to see while you hike. A favorite hike here is Poet’s Walk, but call ahead to see if there are any weddings being hosted that day.

Do you have plans for the weekend. If they include time outdoors, picking the right spot is important. Choose one of these locations for a truly memorable hiking or cycling experience.