Want a House Plant? Consider Succulents – Perfect for Apartment Life

Indoor plants help create a feeling of calm inside an apartment. By bringing in a bit of nature, you can improve the health and the look of your indoor space. Yet finding a house plant for an apartment is not always easy. You must deal with low light in many areas of the apartment, so you’ll need a plant that can adapt. Succulents are a great choice. These low-maintenance plants require little light and watering yet can make a big impact on your space.

The team at Carolina Square, a luxury apartment community in Chapel Hill, takes a closer look at how succulents can be used to dress up your space.

What is a Succulent?
Succulents are plants that store water in their stems or leaves. Cacti are one of the most commonly thought of succulents. Because these plants are found naturally in arid, dry locations, they do well in an apartment with minimal care. Some common houseplants that fall into this family include aloe, agave, crassula, sempervivum, and hoya.

How to Grow Succulents
Growing succulents is not difficult. All they need is some planned watering and access to light, but a bright window is enough. In fact, direct sun can cause these plants to wilt, so consider placing them near a window but not directly in the light.

Be careful not to over water, because this will cause the plant to lose its leaves. One of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is to place the succulent in well-drained soil that has a gravel or sand bed underneath, then only water the plant when the soil dries out.

Most succulents grow slowly, which is another benefit for apartment dwellers. However, you’ll want to research the plant you’re considering before purchasing it, because it may be one of the few that actually grow quickly.

Once you’ve gotten into a routine, keep an eye on your plant. If it starts to look bleached or yellow, then it may need different sun. this can be a sign of both too much and too little sun. If it starts to lose leaves, you may be watering too frequently. Adjust your care, and your plant will thrive.

Where to Put Succulents in Your Apartment
Where should you put succulents in your modern apartment home? The answer is anywhere you want! A few small potted cacti can look great in a bathroom, if you bring them out to get some sunlight from time to time. In your living room, a hanging basket with succulents can make the space look more interesting. Some succulents in your bedroom can help filter the air can create a feeling of calm. No matter where you put it, a succulent will be an interesting and healthful addition to your home.