Bring the Beach Inside – Beach-Inspired Decor for Your Apartment

One of the joys of living in Novus Westshore in Tampa, FL is the close proximity you enjoy to one of the world’s top shorelines. Spend your days at the beach, then come home to your apartment to relax after a day in the sun. In fact, it may be the beach that originally drew you to the area, so you may be wondering how you can embrace it at home. With the right decor, you can embrace that beach vibe in your apartment, so you never really have to leave. Here are some tips to make your beach-style apartment decor a reality.

Start with the Colors
The colors of your apartment are going to be key to creating the beach vibe at home. Not surprisingly, you’re going to want to grab your color inspiration from the beach itself. Blue, green, beige, and white are all part of a beach decoration scheme, so start with some hues from this color scheme as you build your decor. Don’t be afraid to add some splashes of yellow to contrast with the blues and tans as you plan the colors for your space. The sun is a big part of beach life, after all.

Add Some Texture
Next, consider the textures you’ll want to add. Again, draw inspiration from nature. Worn wood, woven rugs, and terry-textured fabrics all give off that beach vibe. Braided rugs are also reminiscent of the beach, so add a few of these throughout.

Use Nature to Decorate
When it comes to adding decor, instead of a beach painting, which may have its place, see where you can use nature. Driftwood and seashells are the perfect way to say “beach inspired” in your space. Base your decor around these items, then add some non-natural elements if needed to complete the look.

Embrace Beach Themed Items
If you need a painting or a nick knack to fill the space, make it not only something that embraces your color scheme, but also something that embraces your seaside lifestyle. Ships, a painting of the ocean, photographs of the sun setting (or rising) over the beach, or similar options will keep your look cohesive and your theme clear throughout your space. Even old maps framed and on display can be a beautiful look in a beach-inspired house.

Choose the Right Furnishings
If you are going to change your furniture while you decorate your apartment, choose wisely. You can either go with bright white and light-colored furnishings, or deep wood tones to contrast with the other colors in your space. Either way, choose furnishings that look like they fit the overall flow of your space or would be welcome in a beach veranda.

If the beach is your inspiration for your space, finding the right decor shouldn’t be difficult, especially in a Tampa apartment. Take the time to plan your main colors and ideas, then start building your space around them. Soon you’ll have a beach-inspired apartment that will feel like an offshoot of your favorite beach day.