Top Tips to Use Less Electricity and Go Green

Apartment living has many perks, and today’s apartments are increasingly eco-friendly. But what happens when you want to do even more to make your apartment environmentally conscious? If you are embracing green living, there are several ways you can make changes around your apartment to make it more efficient. The team at Pinehurst at Providence, a townhome community in Charlotte, NC, shares a few ideas…

Adjust Your Thermostat
Use your thermostat wisely so you aren’t using your air conditioning or heating too much when you aren’t home or when you are asleep. A smart thermostat can actually help you save a significant amount of money, so consider investing in one. By raising or lowering the temperature in your apartment, depending on what is appropriate for the season, you will use far less electricity throughout the day.

Change Your Light Bulbs
If you haven’t already, swap out your light bulbs for LED options. LED bulbs burn significantly less electricity than any other lighting option, without sacrificing your desired level of brightness. Change out every bulb in your apartment for the greatest effect.

Use a Smart Power Strip
One area where many apartment dwellers waste electricity without knowing it is through their power outlets. If you have your electronics plugged in at all times, there’s a constant flow of electricity through the chords and to the device, even when the item is off. Some of that electricity is lost in the process. Smart power strips stop that cycle when you aren’t using an item, so you prevent this wasted electricity, but also allow you instant access to your devices when you’re ready to use them again.

Turn Off the Ceiling Fan
You’re probably already used to turning off lights when you leave but remember to turn off the ceiling fan too. The ceiling fan only helps cool you off when you are present in the home, by moving air around to create a cooling sensation. Leaving the fans on while you are away will only use up some electricity, not do anything to cool your apartment.

Heat Liquids in the Microwave
In your kitchen, save energy by using the microwave strategically. Do you need to boil water? Setting a pot on the stove not only uses the energy from the stove, but also adds heat to your apartment, which your air conditioner will need to compensate for. Instead, use the microwave, which works more quickly and uses less energy, all without creating heat gain.

When it comes to saving electricity in your apartment, little actions add up quickly. By taking the time to do these small things, you will see big savings on your energy bills. That, in turn, will make your apartment even more environmentally friendly, which is something everyone can get excited about.