Hosting a Party? Here’s How to “Party Proof” Your Apartment

Parties are always a great time, especially at Solstice Signature Apartment Homes, but when the guests leave and you are sitting in your apartment surveying the aftermath, you may start questioning your desire to be a host the next time a party opportunity rolls around. If you’ve ever had this experience, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Here are some tips you can use to party-proof your apartment, so you can have a blast without leaving behind damage and a mess.

Cover the Furnishings
Slipcovers are cheap. They can look quite attractive, too. When it’s time to party, break them out. It’s much easier to clean spilled food by simply removing the slipcover than having to deal with a stained couch or love seat. Your guests won’t even notice, because they’ll be too busy having fun!

Remove Breakables
Do you have items in your apartment that are easily broken? Do you have an heirloom furniture item that you don’t really want someone to sit on? Remove these from your main living areas. You don’t want the night ruined because someone knocked your treasure off of the mantle or bookshelf or sat in your great-grandma’s rocking chair and broke it.

Buy Plenty of Napkins
Spills will happen, and responsible party guests will want to clean them quickly. Have napkins available so they can. Make sure that you have plenty, and put them out in a strategic location so your guests can find them when they make a mess.

Set Out Cleaning Supplies
Carpet and upholstery cleaner should be available during you party. If someone spills red wine on the carpet, acting quickly is critical to getting it all out. In your supplies, add some clear seltzer, which is the best way to clean wine spills. Don’t neglect your guests and their needs, either. Shout wipes give guests an easy way to clean clothing should a mishap happen.

Choose Food and Drink Carefully
As you plan your menu, don’t be afraid to plan around potential spills. Is your party in the winter? Plan a winter wonderland theme with all-white items. White wine and white food is far less likely to stain than colored counterparts, and your guests will still have a great time.

Consider More Rugs
Protecting your flooring from spills and extra traffic, particularly in rooms with carpeting, will be important as you prep for your party. Rugs in key areas, especially the main rooms where your event will take place, can add a layer of protection you’ll be thankful for later.

Remember, living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t host a great part. However, you’ll want to do a little bit of prep work to make sure everyone has a great time and your apartment comes through the event unscathed. With these tips, you can rest easy knowing you’re ready for a great party.