Fast and Easy Decor Changes That Make a Big Impact

Are you ready for a new look in your apartment? Changing the look of your space doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. In fact, with the right strategies, you can make changes to the decor fast and easy. If it’s time to make your space look like new, consider the team at Catalyst has several options for you to consider…

Swap out Hardware
Is the hardware in your space too cookie cutter for your tastes? This is another easy and affordable way to personalize your space without too much work. Just make sure to keep the hardware that came with your apartment in a safe place, so you can put it back on when you’re ready to move out.

Add Throw Pillows and Blankets
If the budget won’t allow for new furniture, consider dressing up your furniture with a new look. Adding throw pillows and blankets that match your new decor scheme is a great and easy way to change the look. You can also use a slip cover over the couch or love seat to completely change its look without investing in a new piece.

Change the Art
What’s hanging on your walls? This is often the easiest place to look to make a change that will have a big impact. Shop second-hand shops, or tap your inner Picasso to make something one-of-a-kind, and change out the art on your walls for a completely new look.

Consider a Room Divider
Many of today’s apartments are known for their open floor plans, but that is not always the right fit for your needs. If you feel that you could benefit from more defined spaces, pick up a room divider and use it to divide the space. You’ll be surprised at the impact it has on the space, and if you want to enjoy the open design again, simply take it out.

Add a Rug
Finally, consider adding a colorful area rug to your main living area. Again, this is fast and simple, and it can have a big impact on your home’s overall look.

It doesn’t take much work to make your space look new and inviting. Take a look around, see what could be improved, and make these small changes that will make a big impact.