Furniture Checklist for Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment home is an exciting time but getting everything, you need to furnish and stock that apartment can feel overwhelming. From the kitchenware you’ll need to cook up tasty dishes to the bed you’ll sleep on at night, there’s a lot that goes in to getting your apartment ready to live in. Thankfully, most of the items you can pick up as you go, but you will need to have some furniture on hand. Chapel Hill North has created a checklist of must-have items that will make your new apartment feel like home.

Bedroom Furniture
In the bedroom, you will want to purchase the following:

  • Bed – Unless you’re planning to bunk on the couch for the time being, you will need a bed. This doesn’t have to be fancy, and can just be a bed frame and mattress, but you’ll want somewhere comfortable to lay your head.
  • Dresser – Most people will need to fold at least some of their laundry, and a dresser keeps it stored out of sight.
  • Shelf or nightstand – A shelf or nightstand gives you a place to set your book when you’re done reading, place a lamp, or put up a picture.

These three are the must-have bedroom items. You may also benefit from a desk, a chair, an armoire, or a chest, but they are not necessities when you’re just starting out.

Living Room Furniture
Next, head into the living room. Here, you’ll need somewhere to sit, and potentially a place to get some work done. Consider:

  • Couch, love seat, or both – The most common sitting option in a living room is a couch, but a love seat is also an option. If you have the space and budget, get both.
  • TV stand – An entertainment center or TV Stand allows you to better enjoy your home entertainment.
  • Desk – The living room is the most likely place to put your desk, so get one that fits your needs. Desks are easy to find second hand if you need to save a little money.

In addition to these, you could add an ottoman, which doubles as seating and storage, bookcase, shelf, or additional seating.

Dining Room Furniture
The dining room is pretty easy. Here you’re going to need a table and chairs. Some apartment dining rooms also have space for a hutch or bookshelf. If your dining room faces the kitchen and the kitchen has a bar-height counter, consider some bar stools.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much furniture to start your apartment lifestyle off right. Pick up these items and start enjoying the fun of setting up your apartment for the first time.