Statement Wall Ideas for Your Apartment Home

In most apartments and homes, at least one wall is a large, blank canvas. Sometimes you can add interest to your space by transforming that into a statement wall. A statement wall is a wall that, through its decor, draws all of the attention in the room. Whether a unique paint and wallpaper job or the arrangement of the artwork, a statement wall gives you the foundation to build the rest of your home’s design. The team at Point on Scott has put together some ideas to consider as you plan your statement wall for your home.

1. Paint a Coordinating Color
Sometimes the only thing you need to do to create a statement wall is paint it, but in a color that contrasts and pops when compared to the rest of the colors in the room. For example, you wouldn’t paint your room entirely red, but you might add a red accent wall. Consider a color that would work with your color scheme and make a bold statement, then use that to create your own statement wall.

2. Use Patterns
A checkerboard, geometric patterns in a motif, or even stair step designs painted on the wall all make it even more interesting. Consider a patterned design that will make your statement wall stand out and get to work crafting the space.

Because you are adding the patterns to just one wall of your home, you can be bold and loud. You don’t have to stick to a subtle print, because it will not take over the entire room. In fact, bold patterns on a statement wall can give your home an edgy, modern vibe.

3. Add Texture
Bold colors and patterns aren’t the only way to add a statement wall to your space, though they are effective. You can also do it with texture. Consider etched wood paneling, a hanging wall tapestry, or a textured wallpaper. Another option is to pick up some hardwood remnants and create a rustic feeling wood panel wall. Just make sure that you are using options that you can easily remove when you are ready to move out of your apartment.

4. Use Artwork
Sometimes your statement wall is less about the wall and more about what hangs on it. Investing in a large art piece, or crafting something unique of your own, then hanging that on the wall can have just as much impact as painting the wall in a unique geometric pattern. As an added bonus, using artwork makes it easier to remove your “statement wall” when you are ready to move to a new home.

A statement wall makes your apartment truly stand out from the moment someone first enters the door. Get your creative juices flowing and start making plans for yours now. It just might be the finishing touch your apartment needs.