Get Social – Top Tips for Getting to Know Other Members of Your Apartment Community

Living in an apartment means a community is automatically built in all around you. You are surrounded by people in all walks of life, and this can be a great opportunity to make new friends and create new professional contacts. Yet socializing within your apartment community, such as Cosgrove Hill, does not always come naturally. If you’re looking for ways to get social, here are some suggestions that might help.

Capitalize on Amenities
Most modern apartment communities are stacked with amenities. From rooftop bars in urban apartment communities to fitness centers and pools in just about any community you can find, there are ample opportunities to get out of your apartment and enjoy these community unique features. Doing so gives you the chance to mingle with your neighbors, which, in turn, can help you get just a little more social.

Learn About Social Events
Does your apartment community host social events? Block parties, cocktail hours, and similar events are opportunities to interact with other members of the community. Find out when these events are, and schedule time to attend.

Join a Club
Is there a club in an area of interest near your community? Why not join it? You will get the opportunity to meet people within your neighborhood, and some might just be from your apartment community specifically. What makes this particularly helpful as you socialize is the fact that you will be meeting with people who have similar interests to you, and that, in turn, gives you some common ground.

Jump on to Social Media
Does your apartment community maintain a social media page or an online forum? Use these platforms to learn more about the people within your community. You just might be able to build some friendships with people who wouldn’t normally visit the gym at the same time you do, but who have common interests. As an added bonus, social media lets you “get social” even if your schedule is unusual, such as if you work second or third shift hours.

Say, “Hi.”
It sounds simple, but in the busy bustle of daily life, it’s easy to forget to simply introduce yourself. When you walk out the door in the morning and see your neighbor doing the same, say “hi” and introduce yourself. When you bump into someone in the hallways, greet them. You just might be bumping into your next best friend and not even knowing it, and the only way to make friends is to be friendly.

An apartment community comes with built in friends, neighbors and contacts. Use these tips, and soon you will have a full social calendar filled with invitations from your new friends who are also your neighbors.