Orlando’s Best Gift Shops

Life in Orlando is always exciting, with thrilling things to do to fill most of your days. When you live in an apartment in Orlando, such as Solstice Signature Apartment Homes, you may forget just how appealing this community is for out-of-town guests. Should you decide to host friends or family, you’re going to want to show them around. Outside of the amusement parks and golf courses, one highlight of visiting Orlando is a visit to a gift shop or two. But where can you take your friends that shows an insider’s understanding of the area? Here are some of the best gift shops to visit in search of an Orlando treasure (or two).

Big Bargain World, Inc.

Ok, it may look like a tourist trap, and in some ways, it is, but if your guests want the gift shop shopping experience all in one place, this is the spot to visit. Keep an eye on the quality of items here, but you’ll find some real treasures, and for a fraction of the price at other locations. Send your friends home with stuffed animals and mugs featuring their favorite characters after a visit to this two-story shop on International Drive.

World of Disney
If it’s Disney that draws your friends to Orlando, take them to Disney Springs. Once you get there, head to World of Disney. Here you’ll find 12 rooms packed with merchandise are the Disney lover’s dream. The themed decor elevates the shopping experience as well.

Disney Character Warehouse
After visiting Disney Springs, take your friends to the Orlando Premium Outlets to visit Disney’s Character Warehouse. Here you will find genuine Disney products at a fraction of the price of other locations. Your friends will leave with their hands full of souvenirs they love, regardless of their age.

Gusi Gift Shop
Gusi Gift Shop makes this list because it’s for the more discerning shopper. Yes, you will find small items like key chains and mugs here, but you’ll also find luggage, bathing suits, and practical items. Prices are fair, and the selection is large.

Florida Gifts for Less
Pick up seashells, alligator heads, sun hats, and licensed Disney stuff at this family-owned gift shop. Your guests will appreciate the low prices, and you’ll appreciate the convenient location on World Center Drive, without the need to head into the park directly.

Orange World
Take your friends away from the amusement parks and visit “Florida’s Largest Orange,” or Orange World, in Kissimmee. This giant orange dome holds plenty of citrus fruit, coffee mugs, and alligator jerky, as well as some non-food souvenirs. It’s something they’ll appreciate experiencing during their visit!

Remember, living in an Orlando apartment means any out-of-town guests will assume that you to know the best spots for sightseeing and shopping. If they’re looking to do a little shopping, this list will come in handy, as it has something for all budgets and tastes.