Best Houseplants for Your Tampa, FL Apartment

Houseplants have many benefits for people living in apartment homes. They can bring in a touch of nature to an otherwise sparse place, and they can also help improve indoor air quality. Houseplants create a calming effect in the rooms where they grow, and this can set the right ambiance for your home. Yet not all houseplants are good candidates to live well in an apartment. Because light only comes in from one side of the home, for example, you must choose houseplants that can thrive in low light. If you’re interested in adding the benefits of a houseplant to your home, the team at Novus Westshore has put together a list of our favorites to try…

Pothos is a climbing plant, which makes it ideal for a trellis. It also works well as a hanging plant, because the shoots and leaves will cascade downward if they do not have somewhere to climb. This plant is big on-air cleaning properties and removes VOCs like formaldehyde from the air. It does fine in low light situations but will have prettier patterns on the leaves if given a spot near a window.

ZZ Plant
The ZZ plant, which stands for zamiculcas zamiifolia, is perfect for apartment living because it thrives in low light environment. It also rarely needs watering and can continue to grow if watered just three times a month. A third benefit of the ZZ plant is its resistance to pests. Adding this houseplant to your apartment won’t mean an infestation of flies or other bugs.

Snake Plant
The tall skinny leaves of the snake plant are beautifully variegated and edged in a lighter green color. This is an interesting plant to look at, and it does well even with poor care and in low light environments. Like pothos, the snake plant removes VOCs, like benzene and formaldehyde, from the air to improve indoor air quality.

Iron Plant
The iron plant gets its name from its hardy nature. This plant is hard to kill, which is good news when you’re looking for an apartment houseplant. It features dark green leaves and a bush-like shape and can fit into a corner of your apartment beautifully.

Whether short and spiky or tall and fuzzed, cacti are a unique option to consider bringing into your apartment. These plants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and that makes them stand out. Since these are desert plants, they don’t require much water. They will, however, need a bit of sun, so place them near a window or under a skylight.

Growing plants inside an apartment is not impossible. You do need to choose your variety carefully, but with a little bit of ingenuity and the right plant choice, you can have house plants that thrive, even within the walls of your apartment home.


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