Durham is a Great Place to Live. Here’s Why!

Durham, North Carolina, captures the essence of southern living. With low unemployment rates and top education opportunists, Durham has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a new home, such as one at Trinity Commons at Erwin, and want a vibrant, welcoming community, you can’t go wrong with Durham. Here’s a closer look at why Durham is a great place to live.

Job Opportunities Abound
One of the reasons to choose Durham as your next home is the large number of jobs available within the community. Many of those jobs are part of Duke University, but there are many other places that offer employment options. The city’s 2019 unemployment rate was just 3.9, which is excellent. If you’re looking for work, you will likely find it in Durham.

Creative, Entrepreneurial Vibes
Not only are job opportunities abundant in Durham, but you’ll also find it’s a great place to live if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. The atmosphere is filled with creativity, from art galleries to startups. In fact, it’s been called one of the best cities for entrepreneurs to make their mark, so you’ll be in good company as you work to make your creative imprint.

A Food Lover’s Paradise
Craving Mexican? You’ll find it in Durham. Want to taste exotic Greek flavors? The city has it here too. Many of the former industrial areas have been transformed in recent years into trendy restaurants, and you can taste your way around the globe without leaving town if you wish. The architectural vibe of these eateries makes the entire dining experience culturally relevant.

Affordable Cost of Living
Life in a city can get costly fast, but not in Durham. In comparison to other cities with similar amenities, Durham is on the lower end of the cost of living spectrum. This affordable cost of living frees more of your funds to pursue other endeavors and explore more of what the city offers.

Educational Opportunities
At the heart of Durham is Duke University, and that means educational opportunities are abundant. While students often make their home in Durham, these opportunities aren’t just for those who are pursuing a new degree. You can take advantage of seminars, talks, and community-based classes when you explore all of the educational opportunities that living near a major university offers.

Plenty of Green Space
Did you know that Durham has 68 parks? While it’s definitely a city environment, you won’t miss out on having green space to explore. In addition, when you live near Duke, the 55 acres of Duke Gardens, as well as its five miles of walking trails, are always available to explore.

Clearly, Durham has much to offer to make it an appealing place to live. All you need is to find the right apartment or home, and you’ll soon be enjoying these amenities for yourself.