How to Make the Most out of Your Apartment’s Concierge Service

One of the benefits of choosing a luxury apartment at The VUE is the community’s concierge services. Living life in this apartment community is like living daily in a luxury resort, and that means the attentive services of a concierge. Are you using your concierge to your best advantage? These tips will help you get the most use out of this helpful amenity.

Have the Concierge Handle Package Delivery
You can’t always be home when packages arrive, but you need to know that they’re properly cared for until you get back. Your concierge can handle the pickup and delivery of packages to ensure that they get to the right party in a timely manner. You can head to work with peace of mind knowing that package you’re expecting will be properly handled in your absence.

Ask the Concierge to Call Your Ride Service
Do you need a taxi or Uber? Instead of spending your valuable time calling one or fumbling with the app, let the concierge handle it for you. This frees you to spend more of your morning prepping for the day, with the confidence that your ride will be waiting when you’re ready to leave.

Make Reservations Through the Concierge
City life means many reservations. Sometimes they are big, like reserving airline tickets for a business trip or vacation, and sometimes they are simple, like reserving a table at an up-and-coming restaurant. Your concierge can help with reservations of all types. At The VUE, our concierge staff has inside information about many upcoming events, so you may even be able to land hard-to-get concert tickets by using their services.

Get Help with Event Planning
Are you planning an event? The common areas in The VUE can be helpful, and your concierge can help with coordinating the festivities. From securing caterers and entertainment to reserving the common space, this is a task your concierge can handle with ease. This makes event planning far less stressful.

Explore Your Community’s Amenities
Your community’s concierge professionals know the community’s amenities inside and out, so use that to your advantage. Do you have a question about an amenity, or do you want to know more about what amenities are at your disposal? Ask the concierge. Make sure you are utilizing all of the perks of living in a luxury apartment community and get the help of these pros if you need it.

Having a community concierge is a major perk to life in a luxury apartment community, but many residents do not use it to their full advantage. These are just some of the activities your concierge can help with. The next time you feel like you could use a helping hand, reach out to the concierge to get a little assistance.